• Provide support for title before and after publication
  • Assignment of ISBNs for print and ebook
  • Obtain Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) 
  • Ongoing metadata management
  • Ongoing project management of title
  • Sales and accounting management
  • Manage distribution relationships
  • Fulfill all print book orders to trade accounts 
  • Fulfill all print book orders for authors (author responsible to pay for printing and shipping/handling of order)
  • Proofreading of final manuscript 
  • Proofreading of final page proofs

Design and Production
  • Complete design of print book, including custom cover and interior design
  • Ebook file creation (Mobi/Epub/PDF)
  • Manage print and ebook production files for distribution through all sales channels

  • Print and digital ARC (advance review copy) submission to top industry trade reviewers, including Publishers WeeklyBookListKirkus, etc.
  • Submission of titles to top industry trade reviewers (Publishers WeeklyLibrary Journal, etc.) for editorial consideration for title announcements, calls for information, and other available opportunities 
  • Dedicated publisher website provides high visibility (10K+ unique visitors per month) for titles and authors to retailers, bookstores, and consumers
  • Dedicated publisher ReadNow ARC program distributes advance review copies to readers, bloggers, and reviewers for solicitation of early reviews
  • Email marketing to 750+ targeted trade sources, including bookstores, libraries, review sources, etc. 
  • Email marketing to our growing list (1000+) of newsletter and ReadNow subscribers
  • Social media support 
  • Dedicated author event calendar at publisher website
  • Press release support for announcements and book releases
  • Distribution of digital title sampler for current and upcoming releases  
  • Title inclusion in BHC Press catalogs with online distribution. Print distribution at select trade shows and events
  • Dedicated author page at publisher website includes fan newsletter signup, links to pertinent author information (social media, author website), and other relevant media/news coverage
  • Dedicated book page at publisher website includes purchase links (online retailer/publisher store), highlighted trade reviews, and other available promotional material
  • Creation of extended book preview for title. Includes social sharing channels as well as distribution through Issuu.
  • A direct-to-consumer dedicated storefront for purchase of all BHC Press titles in print and ebook. Sales through this channel provide a higher royalty rate to author.
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We Offer and Provide:
Am I guaranteed publication?
No, publication is not guaranteed. Every submission is read, reviewed, and assessed for quality of writing and originality.

What is the submission process?
Submit the following information with your query letter:
  • First six chapters of manuscript
  • Include synopsis, working book description, genre, and word count in query letter
  • Any author interested in pursuing traditional publication should also submit a proposed Author Marketing Plan 
  • If work is part of a series, indicate series name and how many books are planned
  • Manuscripts should be formatted as follows: 1” margins, 12 point, Times New Roman, double spaced with tabbed paragraphs
  • Indicate if any photos or illustrations will be included in the work
  • Files types accepted: Word files (.doc/.docx) or PDF

Email submission to: books (at) bhcpress (dot) com. Subject line should read: SUBMISSION followed by title of work and author name.

How long will it take to review my submission?
Please allow approximately three weeks for the review submission process. An email notification will be sent notifying receipt of submission.

What is an alternative-hybrid publisher?
Under the hybrid publishing model, an author shares in the cost of a book’s production. Because we blend several publishing models, and we also offer traditional contracts, we refer to ourselves as an alternative-hybrid publisher.

BHC Press is a proud member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), and we follow their established guidelines for their hybrid business model.

What publishing options are available at BHC Press?
We offer two paths to publication:
  • Shared-cost hybrid publication: Author shares in the cost of the book’s production. A higher royalty rate is paid.
  • Traditional publication: Author does not share in the cost of the book’s production. A lower royalty rate is paid. 

How do you select manuscripts for traditional publication? Can I choose how I want to be published?
We are excited to also offer traditional publication! Many factors are considered, including only accepting the highest quality and best written manuscripts, how committed an author is to the book’s success, and strength of author platform. Many authors who began publishing with us in a shared-cost option have been transitioned into traditional contracts, and we currently publish many authors who have works published under both models.   

All submissions are equally evaluated for both options. Any author restriction to publication preference should be notated at time of submission.

How much does it cost? 
The shared-cost option is $975 USD and is all-inclusive.

A higher cost may apply for any specialty book such as a cookbook or books with a large amount of photographs, illustrations, etc. or a book requiring custom illustrations. A separate quotation will be provided detailing any additional costs prior to publication. 

What is the royalty amount, when are royalties paid, and how long is the term?
  • Authors earn a 75% royalty for both print and ebook under the shared-cost option. Term is for five years.
  • Authors under a traditional contract agreement receive a smaller royalty. Average term is 5-7 years although this may vary depending upon number of books and if a series.
  • Royalties are paid quarterly.

Do you pay an advance for traditional contracts?

I’m just looking for a book designer. Do you design covers or format books so I can self-publish?
No. We are not a service provider.

Will my book be available to bookstores?
Yes. Any bookstore interested in carrying your title may order directly through the distributor. Consumers may also order your title at any bookstore by providing the title’s ISBN number.

How do author rights work at BHC Press?
Authors always maintain their rights. When the contract term expires, authors may either continue to renew their contract on a yearly basis or request their book be put out of print to pursue other publishing options.

What formats will my book be available in?
Every book is published in trade softcover and ebook. Hardcover and audiobook options are also offered for select titles based on genre and marketability, and will be discussed during the planning stages.

What types of editing services do you provide? Is there an additional cost?
We provide a pre-press proofread after the book is laid out to catch any stray mistakes or errors. Editing services are available at an additional cost.

How long does publication take?
The publication process typically takes between 12-24 months from receipt of final edited manuscript.

Why does it take so long? I'd really like my book out quicker.
  • You’ve worked really hard writing your book, polishing it, revising it, and editing it before submitting for publication. We realize you’re anxious to have the book published, however, planning and preparation are key to a book’s success, including ARC submissions to acquire trade reviews, which can only be acquired prior to a book’s publication date.
  • One of the key focuses at BHC Press is the preparation of ARCs to submit to trade review sources such as Publishers WeeklyKirkusBookListLibrary Journal, etc. They require ARCs three to five months ahead of publication date, and we build this time into the publication date timeline.

Why are Trade Review sources important?
These publications are read by industry professionals such as retailers, bookstores, librarians and other professionals in the book industry who use these sources to also evaluate possible new titles for purchasing decisions. Publishers Weekly has over 68,000 subscribers and the Library Journal is one of the key publications dedicated to the library community dedicated.

Do you register the copyright of the book?
Yes. Copyright of the book is registered in the author’s name within 60 days of publication.

Is an agent required to publish with you?
No. We work with both agented and non-agented authors.

Do you offer payment plans for the shared-cost option?
Yes. We offer different payment plans and options. This can be discussed during the Q&A telephone call.

I have more questions. May I speak with a publishing representative?
Yes. After a manuscript is selected for publication, a meeting is scheduled to learn more about the book and answer any additional questions. Depending upon author location, meeting is either via telephone or Skype.

Last updated 10/26/2018
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